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Museum Design Guides

Simple Principles for a Solid Exhibit

Not everyone can afford the services of a professional designer, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a good exhibit. We’ve created this series of design guidelines to help you avoid some common design pitfalls and tell your story when you’re on a budget.

These are meant to be posters: print them out and hang ‘em up on your wall!

museum design guides - interpretive font sizes

Interpretive Font Sizes

museum design guides - object credits

Object Credits

museum design guides - interpretive panel angles

Interpretive Panel Angles

museum design guides - interpretive panel heights

Interpretive Panel Heights

museum design guides - type design basics

Type Design Basics

museum design guides - accessibility checklist

Accessibility Checklist

Panel Design / Word Count Examples

museum design guides - word count example

Word Count Example - Sunset

museum design guides - word count grasslands

Word Count Example - Grasslands

museum design guides - word count archeology

Word Count Example - Archeology

Standard Exhibit Element Height Examples

museum design guides - standard element heights

Upland Exhibit Systems - Standard Element Heights

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